Financial Planning


1) Financial Planning :

Planning your money, so that you have money, as and when required, for all your goals/events in life. This is the basis of financial planning that we follow.

This takes into consideration of all your goals. All your goals are of 1) Short term : 1 – 3 years
2) Medium term : 3 – 5 years
3) Long Term : 5 years +

2) Risk covered : Managing the risk is an important area for every family. We look at the optimum risk and do a due diligence for the clients.

3) Emergency Funds & Liquidity Needs:

We can create corpus for you, so that you can tide over emergencies. Usually Mutual Funds are easy to liquidate, whereas, assets like real estate are difficult to liquidate.

4) Inflation:

15 years back, a litre of milk used to cost Rs.15/- a litre, today it costs us about Rs.50/- a litre – so going forward, say about 10 years down the lane, one litre of milk may cost you about Rs.100/- a litre.

This is very important aspect of all future investments, which most of the investors ignore.

We make your plans inflation adjusted for returns and calculations.

Inflation is a fact of our economic life in India. The bottle of cold drink that you buy today is almost double the price of what you paid for ten years ago. At inflation or slightly above 4% per annum, a packet of biscuits that costs you Rs 20 today will cost you Rs. 30 in ten years time. Just imagine what the cost of buying a car or buying a home might be in ten years time! The purchasing power of your money is going down every year. Therefore, the cost of achieving your goals need to be seen in what the inflated price will be in the future